07 December 2020

3 things to do now so you can switch off this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but I am ready to switch off!

But, for business owners like ourselves, Christmas can be stressful and we often see our minds drifting off, thinking about this or that when we should be thinking about mince pies and roast dinners! This year, I’m really trying to get ahead and be more prepared than ever, so when the clock strikes 4pm on 18th December, the Christmas songs go on and the emails turn off (and stay off)!


So, if you want to truly switch off this Christmas holiday (and you definitely deserve to!), here are the 3 things I’m focusing on that you might find useful too.

  1. Communicate with clients

Check-in with your clients, let them know when your finishing for Christmas and ask if they need anything from you before then. Set expectations, let them know when you’ll be back after the holidays, and don’t forget to wish them a Happy Christmas too!

2. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! 

Here’s one for all my fellow marketers! Schedule your content, be it social media posts, blogs or newsletters for December and January NOW. Spend a little time now to get all your content planned, written and scheduled, so that you can sleep easy over Christmas knowing you’re already ahead of the game when you start back in January.

3. Tie up loose ends 

We’ve all got those phone calls we don’t want to make, the projects that dragging on or the clients that are tricky to deal with. Be brave, take a deep breath, and tie up those loose ends! This doesn’t mean solving any and all problems in the next few weeks. If it’s not something that can be sorted before you finish for Christmas, make sure you have a plan in place on how you’re going to solve it in the New Year. Don’t leave things on a cliff edge!

These 3 things are simple but will make a HUGE difference when it comes to truly switching off this Christmas. It’s been one heck of a year and you deserve the time to breathe and recharge, ready to take on 2021!

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