Today is not just any other blog. This is the first (of many I’m sure!) from our very own Client Services Manager, Sara Woolrich. For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting or talking to Sara, you’ll know that she is supremely passionate about making sure all of our clients are as happy as can be. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of talking to her yet, drop her a note at the end of the blog and say Hi! She’d love to hear from you and help in any way she can.

And now I hand you over to Sara for today’s blog. Enjoy!


At JCM, our clients become part of our family and, as a family run business, this is something very important to us. To that end, bettering our Customer Service has been a focus of ours over the past couple of years, and today, I’d like to share a couple of key things we’ve learned along the way.


Our Customer Service revamp was kick started at the excellent McKellens Masterclass, when we were pointed in the direction of this book:


Celebrity Service by Geoff Ramm

Discover the gap in your service you never knew existed. You think you deliver great service, but then a celebrity walked in…and everything changed! Celebrity Service is a fresh way to look, think and act on upgrading every aspect of your customer service, enabling you to become memorable in the eyes of your customers. In this book you will discover the key elements of the ‘Celebrity Customer Service’ philosophy including; Consistency, Excitement, Love, Engagement, Bravado, Response, Independence, Thank You and You Your Team.”


We urge you to go ahead and get this book read and on your bookshelf, but in the meantime, here’s a quick breakdown of the elements described above.



Don’t let your level of service slip. A little goes a long way!

celebrity service

Do something that makes your clients excited to see or hear from you.

We all have a passion for what we do, so let that spill over into your customer service. Love making your clients happy.

Get to know your clients inside out, learn about their interests or hobbies. Remember, they’re people too! Use that to your advantage.

Take your Customer Service to the next level! What can you do that no one else is doing? Be brave and stand out!

“Celebrity response is not just how fast you come back to the customer, but how creative you are in doing so”

Allow your team to have the freedom to make choices that will benefit the client.

Appreciation goes a long way! Remember, they chose to work with you; make sure you thank them for it!

Excellent customer service is not just for the Customer Service team to deliver, it should be displayed in every single part of your business, by every single team member.


I have always prioritised customer service very highly within our business but this book inspired me to look at it differently.


  • Kindness and thoughtfulness cost nothing and will mean more to the client and stay with them longer than just doing the job they asked you to do.
  • Remember the personal touches, your clients have lives outside of their business and understanding who they are as a person will help your working relationship.
  • Note down the special event they talked about at your last meeting and check in with how it went.
  • They mention a favourite drink or food, get it in for the next meeting or why not send them a small gift.


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