Every week at our team meeting, we look to make changes, to re invent the company. It might be the way we greet visitors, take phone calls, run projects. Everyone has permission to change something that needs changing, to make those improvements.

Last week saw, of course, a massive change for UK business. For a moment there, the world seemed to stop. But it didn’t, and then the realisation has started to sink in. “They” won’t sort it out. But as business leaders and owners, we have to. So lets get back to basics. Let’s get our attention away from things we can’t change and back to what we can.. Our own businesses.

Some basic fundamentals for SMEs

1) Where’s your cashflow projection? What are the key trigger points that need action?

2) You need at least 3 budget P and Ls. – best case, worst case and most likely. Assume the worst case. How can you improve this? Have you got costs under control, and are you and the team working as smart as you can?

3) Customers; How secure is your sales pipeline, and what are your customers up to? How can you expand your customer base, seek alternative markets?

Above all, find a mentor or coach. It can be a business friend or contact that you trust, or someone you engage with at a cost. Either way, a second pair of eyes if you want to carry on growing is vital. (There are some excellent coaches in the North West, and we’d be happy to provide an introduction to a selection).

The biggest change we’ve experienced in our lives is happening to us in the next few years.

Its time to wake up and get back to business.


Join us, along with representatives from the FSB and Chamber of Commerce, on July 12th for a morning of discussion and conversation about how we can thrive in a world after Brexit.


Tuesday 12th July
9:00 – 12:00
Cafe on the Park
Birdhall Lane