We think our C.E.O, Peter Beard, is the bee’s knees! And we’re not the only ones. He’s hosting another fantastic workshop, all about how to gain that winning advantage and we urge you all to attend.

Here are the details from the man himself:

Do you want to discover the fun way to work smarter?

Come to our one-day workshop ‘How to Gain the Winning Advantage in Negotiations’ and learn how to use the techniques of Influence and Persuasion to help you to-

  • Dramatically improve your sales conversion performance.
  • Make your customers want to pay you better prices.
  • Achieve better deals with your suppliers.
  • Motivate your staff.

 Thursday 11th May. Birdhall Lane, Stockport. Early Bird tickets only £150.

This workshop builds on previous successful workshops with additional fantastic content. Previous workshops have been highly recommended by attendees with a 95% overall satisfaction rating.

‘A fantastic and incredibly interesting angle to approach sales from. We were informed on fascinating statistics as well as undergoing hypnosis which really made the training stand out from other sessions.’ Peter at DataSolutions.

The workshop is presented by the Persuasive Partnership, Peter Beard and Will James. You will discover the tools and techniques that make others:-

  • Feel compelled to Listen to you (not just hear you).
  • Choose to Agree with you.
  • Want to Help you.
  • Decide to Buy from you.

 ‘The training was very interesting. Peter covered many areas useful to sales and the booklet was a great idea, so you can always have that to look back on.’Siobhan at DataSolutions.

To book your place on the workshop or find out more visit


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or email me at peter@pjbeard.co.uk

‘Great training, addressed points clearly, and was enjoyable to take part.’ Jack at DataSolutions