25 September 2020

JCM launches new Track and Trace service for hospitality and leisure 

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Hospitality and leisure venues seeking a simple and effective way to comply with the Government’s Test, Track and Trace initiative are being supported by JCM’s latest technology. 


The announcement comes as the hospitality industry faces renewed pressure on keeping customers safe amid rising infection rates across many parts of the country. 


Entitled ‘Right Track’, the service provides the business with a QR code which they can print off and display at the entrance to their premises. Customers scan the code on their mobile device and complete a simple 4-question form.


Their details are automatically stored in a central Zoho database, with each customer’s record time and location stamped. So, if a case of Covid is reported, NHS Track and Trace can request the data of the person with the reported case, as well as the data of the people who used the facility at the same time.


The benefits to business owners are significant. 


Firstly, there’s the peace of mind that their compliance with the Test, Track and Trace system can be evidenced and that their busines no longer needs to assume direct responsibility for data storage and deletion. 


Secondly, there is reduced contact between staff and customers since there is no longer a need to hand over paper records. 


Thirdly, accuracy is improved since the customer enters the information themselves rather than communicating to the staff member to record. Of course there’s also the added benefit that staff are no longer required to manually track names and numbers.


For NHS operatives, the system is equally as straightforward. Where they have identified a positive case of Covid, they simply ask the venue for the contact details of all others who were present at the same time over the last two-month period. JCM then manages the secure transfer of the data to the NHS, and appropriate follow-ups can then be deployed without delay.  


Chris Moran, JCM’s Managing Director, comments on the launch of the service, 

“Being based in an area of the country which has seen stricter lockdowns, we’re more aware than most of the importance of a fully-functioning Test, Track and Trace system. “As a developer of technology that meets the ever-changing needs of businesses, we knew we were well-placed to play our part in this national crisis. “We’ve taken the decision to offer the service to restaurants and other venues at a monthly subscription of £30 plus VAT. We think this flexible model is particularly well-suited to the hospitality and leisure industries at a time when they are only able to plan for weeks or months, rather than the year ahead.”

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