Help us spread some festive joy this Christmas!

At JCM, we’re big believers in giving back to our local community. In the past, we’ve worked with local homeless shelters to provide financial aid, clothing, and sleeping bags throughout the winter.

This Christmas we’re teaming up with the incredible Audacious Foundation to provide Free Christmas Food Hampers to families in need and give them a fun, festive day out! But we need your help!

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the Audacious, a donor-supported charity based in Manchester. The scope of what they provide boggles the mind! From A-Teams that operate within the city center to support the dignity, health and wellbeing of the homeless community (1779 meals served – 121 sleeping bags provided – 213 free haircuts given), to refugee initiatives that ensure refugee families are provided with housing, health care and education upon their arrival into the country.

“Audacious Foundation exists to champion transformation, for individuals and communities” Stuart Keir

CEO, Audacious Foundation

We were put on to Audacious through a friend when our MD Chris raised the issue of child poverty within our area, after reading a news article about a 7 year old boy who was caught stealing ketchup packets to make soup.
“It is just plain wrong. Whatever the circumstances whatever the background, it’s just wrong.

We live in one of the wealthiest and most advanced 8 countries in the world and a child that shouldn’t even be on his own was starving.” Chris Moran

Managing Director, JCM Business Solutions

One of the programmes that the Audacious Foundation started back in Easter is the “The Big Give” initiative. 37% percent of children in the inner city borough of Manchester are living below the poverty line and are turning up to school malnourished after a school holiday. More often than not, the only meal they get is their school lunch.

Through the “The Big Give” initiative, Audacious have provided over 6500 meals for kids in need during the school holidays this year alone.

And this is what we are focusing on this festive season, but we need your help!

This Christmas, Audacious is putting on an evening of festive delight for families and friends to enjoy together. Not only will every family leave with a Christmas Food Hamper, but they will also be treated to an unmissable Christmas show, visit Santa’s grotto where there will be a present waiting for every child, slip and slide around the Ice Rink and wonder the beautiful Christmas Market.

Find out more about the evening here!

Just £1 provides a lunch for a primary school child during the school holidays.

With your donations, we can help continue the brilliant work the Audacious are doing and ensure as many children as possible have a warm meal this festive season.


Every little really does go a long way, so please give what you can.


Thank you!

*When donating, select The Big Give campaign from the drop down to ensure your donation goes towards providing meals. Thank you!


three-course meals served to the homeless community


holiday lunches for children in poverty


people supported through Macmillan partnership