Welcome to JCM!

Our team of Consultants have all held senior roles in Finance, Sales, Service Delivery or Production, and we’ve come together to use this experience to help businesses make better use of information, and as a result help you improve your decision making.
We do that by;

  • Helping you implement effective and easy to use CRM Solutions
  • Introducing easy to use Reporting tools to your Finance and Executive teams
  • Developing high performance Sales and Management teams

We take care to ensure that the solutions we offer deliver real benefits quickly. We’ll stay in touch to make sure that the solutions continue to support your business in the long term, and keep you up to date with developments that will be helpful to you.
For an informal discussion on how we might be able to help, simply drop us your details through the contact form and one of us will be in touch.


We're not going to sell you ZOHO. Our customers do that for us.


They really do!
Over the last 12 months 60% of our new business has come from recommendations from existing clients. We’re very proud of that.Read More

Reporting Solutions

If you know Microsoft Excel, then you know F9!

F9 Reporting Solution

An easy-to-use tool that links dynamic general ledger data to Microsoft Excel and is available for over 150 different accounting and ERP systems.Read More


We'll stay in contact with you to make sure the impact is long term.


Who we are
Our handpicked team of consultants has a proven record of success at senior level within high growth large and medium-sized organisations.Read More

Why Choose Us

  • Give hands on practical guidance to improve every area of the sales process and not the usual text book theory.
  • We offer The Sales Academy to any business looking to increase sales through hands on training, guidance and support.
  • Skilled at getting instant co-operation from all staff and challenging the “accepted wisdom”.
  • We pick up on the nuances of situations and are very canny in producing very real changes in a consultative manner.

What Client’s Say

JCM quickly identified the need to establish sales discipline in what was a fairly new team. They were honest with us and without this experience and input, we would not have got the results that we have. JCM ensure that our investment in Zoho continues to deliver tangible results for us.
Andrew Fahey, Brookson Limited
Adopting Zoho CRM and working with JCM has significantly improved our performance and ability to service our customer base. As a result, our agents are able to spend their time more productively. We are now using the CRM system to design and plan Client campaigns that make sure our clients have the best possible mix of products for their circumstances in a challenging and changing market place.
Paul McGowan, How Financial Review
Throughout the process I found JCM to be experts in their field, incredibly helpful and reliable and always ready to offer extra help.
Kirsten MacKenzie, Raise the Bar Ltd