An introduction to Zoho

Whatever your business, data about clients, prospects and contacts is the vital information that keeps your business on track.

At JCM, we help you understand ZOHO CRM Benefits, and how adopting CRM best practice, tailored to your requirements will deliver real benefits from your investment.

ZOHO CRM is not just CRM for small business, but provides solutions across all types of organisations.

So whether you’re looking for a simple, free CRM and free Project Management tool, or have more complex requirements we can help.

Over the past year, we have helped our clients address many key issues, including;

  • Sales Pipeline Management, leading to increased sales; (ZOHO CRM)
  • Understanding the costs of Work in Progress, and how to convert this to sales asap; (ZOHO REPORTS)
  • Using reliable Forecasts as key business tools, helping plan resources better; (ZOHO CRM)
  • Capturing billable time on Client projects, so that utilisation is improved, and profits increase; (ZOHO PROJECTS AND ZOHO BOOKS)
  • Communicating with Clients on a regular basis, to make sure that existing accounts are managed properly, and cross sell opportunities identified; (ZOHO CRM AND ZOHO CAMPAIGNS)
  • Simplifying Project Management by creating Project Portals, where all project information is held for collaboartive working. (ZOHO PROJECTS)
  • Identifying the sources of leads and sales, so that the marketing budget is targeted for the best results. (ZOHO CRM)
  • Managing Client contract to ensure correct invoicing (ZOHO CRM AND ZOHO BOOKS)

What Our Customers Say

I used to run around from meeting to meeting whilst my desk filled up with bits of paper. I had no idea what was outstanding, yet to be dealt with or completed. Then I discovered Zoho. Now, every business card, telephone note, letter, email, customer or prospect gets easily entered onto the system and I know exactly where my business is at. I didn’t know what was going on but now I do. It’s cloud based so I can access it anywhere on anything. It even logs my calls so that I can attach it to my customers files with notes on the conversation. Can even access it from my phone!
Managing Director, Renewable Energy Company
Adopting Zoho CRM and working with JCM has significantly improved our performance and ability to service our customer base. As a result, our agents are able to spend their time more productively. We are now using the CRM system to design and plan Client campaigns that make sure our clients have the best possible mix of products for their circumstances in a challenging and changing market place
Paul McGowan, How Financial Review
JCM quickly identified the need to establish sales discipline in what was a fairly new team. They were honest with us and without this experience and input, we would not have got the results that we have. JCM ensure that our investment in Zoho continues to deliver tangible results for us.
Andrew Fahey, Brookson Limited
Throughout the process I found JCM to be experts in their field, incredibly helpful and reliable and always ready to offer extra help.
Kirsten MacKenzie, Raise the Bar Ltd
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FAQs about CRM

People often get confused by CRM, and ask us what is the best CRM, What are the benefits of a CRM system? Its very easy to get confused by terminology, but being able to capture and interpret information, and then make decisions based on that data is an essential tool in helping your business grow.
CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a tool which gathers all the data, communications and notes about a contact or customer in one location. This helps you manage your customers better, and makes sure that you stay on top of opportunities and issues. Zoho CRM is a Cloud based solution that can quickly and easily be tailored to fit your business.
Whether you are a one man band or a Multi National, data about your customers and contacts is where the value in your business lies. Without a disciplined approach to managing that data you will waste time and money hunting for information, and your colleagues will not have the full picture when they talk to the client. Zoho CRM provides the user with all the facts, emails, documents and notes relevant to the customer record.
The answer is very simple. Cloud Solutions provide an easy to access and secure way of managing and storing data. Zoho CRM in particular is accessible from any device, and works especially well on Tablets. No worries about backups, no worries about data loss. A fully connected system!
Zoho CRM has a free version that will handle basic requirements. Other Versions are Zoho CRM Standard at $12, Zoho CRM Professional at $20 and Zoho CRM Enterprise at $35.All prices are per user per month and there are no contracts to sign. The functionality obviously differs for each version and we will advise you on the correct one for your needs.
Very! We can help with the more complex setups, but you can sign up for Zoho CRM by following this hyperlink to the Zoho pages and clicking on the sign up buttons. Your payment is made to Zoho. We will send you an email to let you know how to contact us and we are here if you need us!

Easy Set Up / Fast Implementation

You can be using Zoho Projects within Hours. Regardless of the number of people and number of projects.

Easy to Use Drag & Drop Management

Using the calendar feature, Resources can be allocated and assigned to projects to ensure the best use of skills and time.

Highly Collaborative

Sharing, collaboration and publishing are in-built, with complete control on the permissions that you grant to your users. It’s online, no more emailing of reports!

Access Anytime, Anywhere

You can access your projects reports & dashboards anywhere, anytime. All you need is a web browser and internet connection. It’s that simple!

Seamless Integration

Flexible rebranding & white label options, single sign-on, powerful APIs and more, makes it easy to integrate with any web-based applications or service seamlessly.
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Try ZOHO FREE for 15 Days.

See how Zoho can drive your business! No Credit Card needed.

(When you submit your details you will receive a verification email from Zoho to open your account).

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