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40 Employees

Project Requirements

    Workflows and Automation

Strategy and IT Analyst Rob Derry outlines the challenges they were facing at Advance:

“It had become largely impossible to manage our worker leads on a shared excel spreadsheet! A lack of automation also meant that the setup process was very slow & manual involving printing & posting contracts. There was also no ability to complete spot checks on worker setup and ensure that all the correct information was being regularly collected. From an analytical point of view it was also difficult to evaluate the number of worker setups we were completing on a weekly/monthly basis and manage resources appropriately within the team.

On our agency sales side we had no ability to qualify opportunities, track sales and evaluate our sales teams day to day activity and performance.”


Advance had previously tried an off the shelf CRM system, but found it’s lack of customisation restrictive and as a result, it was not used widely throughout the business.
JCM became involved through a director, with whom we have previously worked.
From the get go, the aim was to work through their complex processes and find a way in which the majority could be automated.



Since implementing Zoho CRM and working through their processes and workflows, Advance have seen both an increase in efficiency and reduction in cost. On how workflows have affected the day to day running of the business, Rob says,

“Revolutionary! We use workflows for a great deal of business processes, removing human error and ensuring the processes are always efficient and followed correctly.”

Not only have workflows improved processes for Advance, they have seen a “noticeable increase in conversions” thanks to Zoho’s reporting capabilities. As Rob says, “[We] now have access to actual reporting tools to analyse sales performance and lead generation + conversion”, due to an improved understanding of reporting and business analysis.


Moving Forward:

“[JCM were] Excellent, always available & helpful. Offered a lot of ‘hands on’ support on site during the initial training and setup.”

We worked closely with the sales and operations teams with Advance during the setup and training. As “most members of staff work with Zoho almost every working day”, it was vital that we worked to get to know Advance as a business from the very beginning, to ensure their system was right for them.
We continue to work with the team at Advance, working to find solutions that will continue to streamline every aspect of the businesses day to day running.

“[JCM have a] Desire to understand our business needs and processes and an ability to build Zoho CRM to fit our business needs and goals.” Rob Derry, Advance.

Rob Derry

Strategy and IT Analyst


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