Towards the end of last year, we were approached by an IFA with around 8 staff regarding our work with Zoho CRM. The company had great growth plans, is well run and understand the need to monitor and manage performance. But in a competitive market, they weren’t hitting targets and couldn’t see why.

We spent some time with them looking at systems and processes, and looking at the reports that they needed to run the business. We found that appointments were often ¬†missed, enquiries were not followed up quickly enough and it there was a lot of duplication of work across the team We asked them about the KPI’s they needed, and what would be a measure of success for them.

After all of this, we identified that what was needed was a central CRM solution, that would significantly improve not only processes, but communication with clients.

After a short review, we implemented Zoho CRM. As part of the project, we introduced

  • Standard workflows that alerts the management team when leads aren’t followed up,
  • Daily tasks for the team
  • Real time report on progress.


Agents can see the commission they are earning against target, and customers are kept updated throughout the process.

The client can see who has bought a Pension product, but no insurance, for example, thus allowing for cross sell opportunities.

One of the more powerful features we introduced is the workflow that sends a reminder SMS to clients on the day of a meeting. This follows a previous email that details what they need to bring to the meeting. A simple, but very effective routine.

As a result, the number of missed meetings has significantly reduced, the number of leads converted has increased and overall performance has improved. More importantly for the management team, this is all achieved with less effort being spent on processing data.

If you are an IFA , we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can help your business gain the same competitive edge. Talk to us today.