Its easy to understand that focus is a key driving force behind success. We see it all the time in the sporting world! All great athletes will tell you that keeping focused on an objective is the key to achieving their goals. In cycling, we see it in Chris Froome’s determination to better his already monumental 4 Tour de France wins by going for “the triple” of holding all 3 Grand Tour titles; in Sport Climbing, a laser set focus day in day out has lead to the first British podium in a Lead Climbing competition, courtesy of Molly Thompson Smith

It’s no different in business. Its very easy to get distracted by someone else’s idea. It’s easy to think “How can I bring that into my business?” As soon as you start thinking that, you’ve lost focus. Frustration will grow and the amount of effort required just to stand still will grow

So, some questions to think about over the Christmas Turkey:


  1. What is it that my business does better than anything else?

  2. Can we do that better?

  3. What would the ideal customer be for what we do?

  4. What are we doing that doesn’t help us be better at this? Whats distracting us?


I know, you heard it all before.

But here’s a thing….

JCM went through this process a couple of years ago. We painfully extracted ourselves from partnerships that weren’t working for us, took the fluffy stuff off the website and honed in on delivering good solutions in Zoho. We appointed a non executive chairman to help us keep focused, got everyone in the business involved in the discussions and decision making and really, really focused on one question,  “What does JCM do”. 

Year 1, we doubled in size.

Year 2, we grew by 60%.

Year 3, we are already 50% up on last year.

If we can do it, so can you.

And the good news is, we know what it takes and can help you through it! But it all starts with one simple step: fully commit to honing in your focus. Do this, and the rest will fall into place.