In the last of our Spotlight Series on Zoho CRM, we’re talking about the future of Zoho CRM.

The pace of software development can sometimes be bewildering, and very often Operations and Sales Teams find themselves having to learn and manage systems, rather than focus on their core activities.

(Let’s be honest, it’s also more fun playing with software than making that awkward sales call!)

At JCM, clients frequently ask these three questions when deciding on Zoho CRM:

Can I get the information I need quickly?

Can I easily see what I need to do?

How can I make sure everyone is following the right process?

With Zoho CRM, no only can these questions be easily and quickly answered, but their solutions are constanlty evolving to make our lives easier.


Introduing the furture of Zoho CRM

Can I get to the information I need quickly?

Easy Access to data, simply displayed for maximum efficiency

Users can quickly filter data down to a granular level, and then take appropriate actions, using intuitive Smart Filters. For Example, a sales person going to London might want to see all the opportunities within a defined postcode area to make the most of his visit. One click. He can then either make some phone calls based on that list or send out a personal email to the contacts. Another click,

Can I easily see what I need to do?

Intuitive, helpful and powerful...Zia is a major step forward in CRM technology

Zoho already has user defined Homepages that help users see their specific outstanding actions.

But now there’s more.

ZIA is Zoho artificial intelligence assistant. ZIA monitors what you do, recommends key actions ( “Now is a good time to ring Bill”), and gives you a heads up on possible problems. Zia works through monitoring and predicting likely outcomes so you can direct your time to the most profitable areas of the business.

How can I make sure everyone is following the right process?

Blueprint: An easy to setup and powerful management tool, available now in Zoho CRM.

Everyone has their own way of processing a sales opportunity, which is why a lot of Sales forecasts are mistrusted. With BLUEPRINT, Zoho CRM provides the ability to map the corporate business process, ensuring that key steps are completed before moving to the next stage. This allows your high flyers to spend more time on deals, and your developing team to form good sales habits. Moreover, by improving the Sales forecasts, you colleagues in the business will be able to plan much more effectively


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