Lanzarote based villa company increase Sales Team thanks to Zoho.







25 Employees

Project Requirements

    Overseas Training



“We receive in excess of 50 emails a day from clients relating to villa enquiries and bookings and keeping track of where we are up to with each client can be a challenge. There are 3 of us in the Sales Team and so it is vital we all know what has been agreed with clients and offer a continuous support option”, explains Terrie Loughlin, Sales Manager.

“When there was only one member of the sales team it was easier to track emails and also, of course, you remember what you have said to clients from day to day, as the team grew to 2 people we needed a database so that each member of the team could record their interactions with client. There are now 3 members of the sales team and between us we speak 4 languages so being able to track conversations was essential.”



“We had invested in the Zoho CRM 12 months earlier and had found its standard set up an improvement, however it became apparent that we needed to customise the system and tailor it to our needs which is when we approached JCM”

“Having spoken to a few companies and receiving quotes one of the most important things for me what to deal with a company that not only understood Zoho but were using the features themselves to help them win business as essentially this was our aim also. The other companies we contacted were efficient in quoting but then aside from chasing us to win our business there was no contact. Sara at JCM not only emailed me but also picked up the phone and then followed up again on her call and was clearly using Zoho to assist her. Aside from being very knowledgeable I also found Sara approachable and she really seemed to care about our objectives and how best to help us achieve them.”



From initial scoping, through to build spec and finally live system launch took less than 3 months

“Sara was fantastic and very responsive to emails and calls whilst we were making decisions on what to implement. As we are based in the Canaries we could not send all out team to the UK to have training as that would have meant closing our Sales Department for a few days, Sara agreed to come over to us which not only meant that our business could continue to operate but also meant the team had training as a whole.”

One of the joys of Zoho is it’s ability to adapt to sector specific challenges. One of the key steps in this project was ensuring the system was suitably set up in a way that enhanced Optima’s needs.

“Customising the Zoho CRM to meet our business needs was quite a task and Sara was so good at listening to what we wanted to be able to do and then implementing this within Zoho for us. Of course, there was a lot of things we thought would be helpful to our business and Sarah was able to advise on how best to adapt the system to suit us.”


Moving Forward:
Sara, our Client Services Manager, worked hard whilst with Terrie and the team at Optima to learn as much as possible about a new industry sector for us at JCM.

“Sara now has a great understanding of what it is we do and how we wish to expand and so is advising us on other ways we can use Zoho to help grow the business. There was also so much more that Zoho has to offer which will benefit us in the future that we were not aware of.”

“Once the Zoho system was adapted to us we had some teething problems as we changed quite a few processes and we had actually been using Zoho in a different form and so were not used to the new features. Sara was on hand both by phone and email offering support and her response was and still is very fast.”

“I can say that January was our best ever sales month and up by a third on the previous year, I do believe that having Zoho working to suit us had a part to play in this growth.

The sales team now have more structure and we can easily identify which leads need chasing and prioritise leads also. We now capture more relevant information at the point of enquiry which is helping us run reports that we never had access to before.”

Terrie Loughlin

Sales Manager

Optima Villas
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