17 December 2019

Want all you customer information in one place?

Improve efficiency and create cohesion between teams by creating a system that captures and stores your customer information in one place.

Are your team losing valuable time each day searching through spreadsheet after spreadsheet for client contact information, or scrolling through endless emails looking for project details?

Whatever your business, whatever the size, you, your team, and your business will benefit from having all your lead and contact information in one, easily accessible place. That’s where a simple but effective CRM system comes into play.

So, here are our top 3 benefits of having all of your customer information in one place:

Capture Store and Manage Customer Data
  • Capture vital information like Name, Phone, Email, and Company by integrating your CRM with your marketing efforts, whether through web forms, email marketing, surveys, or social media.
  • Manage the privacy and protection of your customer data by controlling who within your business can see customer data so that only necessary team members have access. Set your own rules and regulations around data protection to align with your sector’s specific guidelines and ensure you remain compliant.
  • Store your customer information in views and lists that make sense to your business processes. View data by sector, interests, sales consultant, and more.
Customer Lifecycle
  • Use your CRM to track every interaction you have with your lead or customer. By having all of your customer information in one place, you can ensure continuity in communication throughout the entire lifecycle of your customer.
  • Being able to track your customer lifecycle means:
    • The customer receives only the most relevant marketing and project information.
    • No miscommunication between sales reps and consultants thought the project.
    • You save time by knowing exactly where to find your customer data, like contact information and project notes.
  • Save time by converting leads into customers at the click of the button. When your lead turns into a real business opportunity, having an efficient CRM allows you to convert the lead into an Opportunity, Contact, and Account, retaining all information you’ve already collected about that person or business.
  • Keeping accurate, up-to-date customer information means that you can run real-time reports to analyse business performance.
  • From sales team performance to marketing ROI and deal closure rates, having all of your customer information allows you to utalise the most relevant data to your business.
  • Running reports doesn’t have to just be a quarterly occasion. Use dashboards within your CRM to receive up-to-date reports at a glance as soon as you open your CRM system.
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