A new year brings new ideas, but it should always include a review of your existing customers.

New business is hard to find, so understanding and having a plan to support your customers is key.
Notice that word..support.
A customer action plan doesn’t start with “what can we sell?”. It starts and ends with “what does the customer need from us?”
So, when you look at the growth you expect this coming year, and how your existing customers will contribute to that, ask yourself the following questions. Better still, go and ask the client!
What are the customers plan for this year?
How can we support them?
Do they know how we can support them…what other offerings we may have?
Are we talking to the right person?
Are there any issues that are festering that can be dealt with quickly?
Once you have the answer to those questions you can plan out what income you expoect from the client
Next step? Go back to the client and explain how you are going to help them, and what the commercial arrangements will be.
Good luck!

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