23 November 2020

Zoho Connect – 3 Ways We Use It To Run Our Businsess

This week, I thought I would give you a sneak peek into one of our favorite tools, Zoho Connect. 

One of the biggest lessons we learned during the first lockdown back in March was how important staying connected with our team is whilst we’re all working remotely. 

Zoho Connect has become our key team collaboration tool for lockdown 2.0. From running client projects, discussing internal development, and planning content and resources, Connect is vital to the day to day running of the business.


Here are 3 ways we use Zoho Connect:


  1. Connect for Project Management

Firstly, we create a Group for each new project so we have a central place to communicate with the team involved. This is where any and all project discussions are had, notes from calls are left and updates from each of the consultants involved in the project are made. No more scrolling through endless emails! 

Then, we create a Task Board connected to the Group to keep track of tasks and keep the project moving forward. It’s easy to stay updated on what needs doing, who is responsible for each task, and when each task needs to be done when everything is in one view.

Lastly, we allow the client access to their projects Task Board. This way, they feel more involved in their project, they can see the work that is being and we can assign them tasks too! Complete transparency and easy communication.


2. Connect for Internal Development 

This is where we brainstorm the future of the business! We created a Group dedicated to “Planning the Future”. Only the 3 directors have access to the group and it’s the perfect place for us to have conversations about what direction we want to take JCM. Each of us can post an idea, get feedback from the others, have discussions on key issues, and make plans to develop the business. Having a space dedicated to business development talks has done wonders for our productivity!


3. Connect for Content Planning

Using the Task Boards within Connect to plan out my Marketing for the next 12 months and then drill down into the content plan for the next 3 months has been a game-changer! Each column in the board represents a month and within each month I have task cards for each bit of content, be it a blog, social post, article, or video. Within that task card, I can store my copy for each piece of content as well as any images or links. Being able to see my whole year at a glance and then see what I’ve got planned for the next 3 months makes me feel in control and motivated to keep on top of it!


That is just the tip of the iceberg! 


To us, Zoho Connect is the ultimate team collaboration tool and is the key to how we have kept up with project delivery over the past year. 


If you want to find out more about Zoho Connect or discuss how you could implement Zoho Connect into your business, please do just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.


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