Implementing Zoho for a new Start Up

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Ideiio, an identity governance and administration solution startup, came to JCM looking for a CRM solution to support their Sales and Marketing efforts.

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As a new start up, Ideiio new that they would need a system in place to handle their processes, from lead generation to sales and account management as well as software that would allow them to manage their internal communications and project management. After looking at another software package, they discovered that Zoho One would fit all of their software requirements under one package.

“We needed to implement a CRM solution that was easy to use, had good out-of-the-box functionality and cost effective to use.”


From the initial conversation with Paul, COO of Ideiio, it was clear that they already had a good understanding of their CRM requirements. However, through talking more in depth about the business as a whole, we were able to demonstrate how Zoho One would be able to cover all of their needs, from CRM to Reporting to Project Management and Communications.


As a result of implementing Zoho One, Paul and the team at Ideiio now have complete visibility of their data and customer lifecycle. As a start-up implementing Zoho One, Ideiio have been able to create processes and adapt Zoho’s features to improve efficiency, cost-savings and visibility right from the get go.

Paul Dyson – COO

“We now use Zoho One to provide complete lifecycle management across Sales, Professional Services and Finance.”

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