Lockdown Life Of A Working Mum

By Sara Woolrich, JCM Operations Director  
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Message from the Founder – Get Up Off The Floor

JCM Started 10 years ago in the middle of the financial crisis. We survived that and built an innovative team of colleagues. Then we had 4 years of…
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Teamwork makes the…

How do you define teamwork in your business?   For us, our business doesn’t exist without it! Growing from a one-man-band business, to now a 9 person strong…
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New Year, New JCM

Not only does 2020 mark the start of a new decade, but it also marks the start of our 10th year in business! To celebrate our 10th year,…
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JCM Social Initiative

Since JCM was founded, we’ve always tried to give back in some way to our local community and this year we’re cementing it with our new Social Initiative. …
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