Who We Are

From the beginning...

JCM is a family run business with one motto in mind:

Business First, Software Later.

Experts in business development and CRM software solutions, our team have the experience to help challenge, focus and refine your business processes.

Story of JCM

2010 - Now

JCM founded by Chris Moran, starting as a business consultancy

Zoho Partnership Formed – Chris Joins forces with Zoho, cloud software solutions, to provide small businesses with top quality business management software – JCM/Zoho Stats 1 Country/Less the 100 Users/4 Micro Businesses/Focusing Primarily on Zoho CRM

Elle Moran officially joins JCM Marketing Manager after helping out in the background.
Dom Harrington joins the team as its Lead Consultant, working on Zoho projects.
JCM move into its first office!
Join McKellen’s Masterclass

JCM has it’s first rebrand

Partnership formed with Severnside, to develop its IT support offering.

Sara Woolrich joins the team as Client Services Manager
Partnership formed with LRComms to revolutionise our voice
JCM move into a bigger office to accommodate its growing team.
First Zoho User Conference, Zoholics

Our Approach

Business First Software Later – Our new Motto is created. 

JCM achieve Zoho Advanced Partner status
Peter Beard joins as Non Exec CEO

Host our first series of Zoho Meet Ups in partnership with Zoho, becoming the worlds largest Meet Up events 

Chris joins Business Network South Manchester

JCM host Stand at Northern Business Expo on behalf of Zoho
Elle sits as a guest on the Zoho Inspire Partner Panel
Simon Withington joins JCM as a Technical Consultant
Elle Moran and Sara Woolrich become Directors, Marketing and Operations Directors.
JCM undergoes its biggest rebrand to date. 

Megan joins JCM as Team Administrator
JCM/Zoho Stats 9 years on 500 Clients/6000 Users/20+ Large SME’s

Premium Partner Status

10 Year Anniversary

JCM expand office space to include a Training Room.

Covid-19 Lockdown – JCM Team move to working remotely full time.

JCM awarded Business Heroes Award by British Chambers of Commerce for work done to support Small Businesses during the pandemic.

JCM win, plan and deliver its 2 biggest contracts to date during the pandemic.


Orlando joins the team as a Consultant and to oversee client support.

JCM launch The Small Business Foundation


Zoho open first UK office

JCM recognised as the key Zoho partner to work with in the UK

JCM now implementing Zoho projects of 300+ users, specialising exclusively in over 10 Zoho apps with emphasis on integrations and ERP solutions.

Chris joins Chester Business Network


10 year
partnership with


customer rating

JCM philosophy

Business first, software later

Business First Software Later

Here at JCM, it’s about you.

Our aim is to help you create the ultimate vision for your business and provide you with the right solutions and the best expertise available, to enable you to achieve it.

Our core team are a family of like minded, experienced and dedicated consultants, handpicked for one reason; we wanted to work with them. We know the value that comes from the people that you surround yourself with and pride ourselves on our strong network of trusted partners. With a background in senior and board level management, all our team have the business experience to challenge, focus and define the processes that will streamline your business.

With such an established team of people to draw from, we are not restricted by your business challenges, and neither is the software. Drawing from our bank of knowledge, we can provide you with relevant effective solutions, and hands-on specialist consultants to guide you along the way.

As a JCM client, you benefit from a fully managed support network, and a direct line to our dedicated support team. Each member of our team is a fully qualified, experienced consultant and as such will ensure that you are getting the best value from your overall investment. No middle man, just the solution.

Client referrals make up 60% of our business, a figure we’re very proud of. Our focus is on business first, software later. We get to know your business, what it is you want out of it and thrive on seeing you achieve your ultimate vision.


Treat employees, managers, customers, partners with respect. 

We exist to provide an environment in which people can grow, learn and not be afraid to develop through taking risks. We tolerate honest mistakes and encourage flexibility in the work/life balance.

Work is the means through people can explore their ambitions

Productivity and products

We want people to work in the most efficient way possible, so that we can achieve high quality each and every time. Colleagues are  encouraged to find new and better ways to deliver, design, develop and support our business in every aspect. Everyone has the right to drive positive changes in the business and new ideas and innovation are encouraged.

We want our clients to be efficient streamlined businesses that encourage their teams to grow and develop


We believe that the company exists to provide employment to our colleagues, make a reasonable profit from our customers and provide a fair return to our investors. 

First and foremost we believe that those who drive and create profit should benefit from it.

Meet the team

Chris Moran

Founder / Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director, Chris formed JCM in 2010 and now heads up the company's Sales and Business Development Teams.

Joined the company:

Sara Woolrich

Operations Director

As Operations Director, Sara uses her exceptional project management skills to ensure all our projects are delivered and implemented to the highest standard.

Joined the company:

Elle Moran

Marketing Director

As Marketing Director, Elle is responsible for the development of the JCM brand and works closely with our partners to provide extra value for our client base.

Joined the company:

Simon Withington

Technical Software Consultant

As our Technical Software Consultant, Simon works closely with our clients to head up our analytics and reporting integration work.

Joined the company:

Peter Beard

Non-Exec Director

As our Non-Exec Director, Peter chairs our board and is vital in assisting with team development and strategic business development. Peter also works with our clients to deliver Zoho Books implementation and support.

Joined the company:

Dom Harrington

Chief Software Consultant

As our Cheif Software Consultant, Dom is responsible for a large majority of the implementation, delivery, and training of our Zoho projects.

Joined the company:

Orlando Miguel


Orlando joined the business in early 2021, and is responsible for keeping a watchful eye on JCM’s software; continually learning about new Zoho applications and how their implementation might benefit both the JCM business and its clients.  Prior to joining JCM, Orlando worked, for ten years, as a teacher in his native Mexico. 

Joined the company:

Angela Dennerley

Team Administrator

A Small Business Owner herself with Kitsch Republic, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, helping to facilitate all areas of JCM, from Operations, Administration and Marketing.

Joined the company:

Trusted Partners

LR Comms

We’ve worked with Lucy Rennie of LR Comms since 2015 and have completely revolutionised our marketing strategies and communications, both internally and customer facing. Lucy has become an integral part of our team and continues to support our marketing efforts.


Your Support Team

We rely on Your Support Team for all our bookkeeping and accounting needs. Not only do they work closely with us to ensure nothing gets missed, they work closely with McKellens, our accountants, to make our job even easier! We’ve already recommended Your Support Team to many clients with great success.


County Communications

We work with the team at County Comms to integrate 8x8 VoIP Phone Systems with Zoho CRM. This means that our clients are now able to easily track and log calls directly against the customer record.



McKellens are not only our accountants, they also provide us with award winning business advice and strategic guidance. All of our senior team attend their Masterclass series, a monthly business development workshop.


JCM Initiatives

At JCM, we’re firm believers in giving back and making a positive impact within our local community. We’ve dedicated 2 initiatives to help in our efforts to give back.

JCM Social Initiative

We’re delighted to partner with Audacious Foundation. A charitable organisation dedicated to helping those in need in and around Manchester, they focus on providing meals for children who would otherwise go hungry. 

If you work with us, you will be helping us help them. For every project we carry out, we donate £x to the Foundation to further thier food supply efforts. 

We also host ad hoc fundraising events. In 2019, our Marketing Director Elle raised a huge £1011 for the foundation through a 14.5mile sponsored walk to work. These valuable funds helped the foundation provide over 1000 meals for kids during the school holidays. Want to know more about the Audacious Foundation or how you can help them? Just follow the link and read their story.

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JCM Eco Initiative

We love the outdoors! And so we have decided to dedicate time and effort to ensure we’re doing all we can do to benefit the environment.

Already a near paperless office (everything you’ll receive from us with be online), we’re boosting our efforts and aim to become a Carbon Neutral business by the end of 2020. Any suggestions of what we should be doing to achieve our goal? Leave us a message and let us know! Keep up with our Eco Initiative journey and sign up to the blog!

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