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Business First, Software Later



Here at JCM, it’s about you.

Our aim is to help you create the ultimate vision for your business and provide you with the right solutions and the best expertise available, to enable you to achieve it.

Our core team are a family of likeminded, experienced and dedicated consultants, handpicked for one reason; we wanted to work with them. We know the value that comes from the people that you surround yourself with and pride ourselves on our strong network of trusted partners. With a background in senior and board level management, all our team have the business experience to challenge, focus and define the processes that will streamline your business.

With such an established team of people to draw from, we are not restricted by your business challenges, and neither is the software. Drawing from our bank of knowledge, we can provide you with relevant effective solutions, and hands-on specialist consultants to guide you along the way.

As a JCM client, you benefit from a fully managed support network, and a direct line to our dedicated support team. Each member of our team is a fully qualified, experienced consultant and as such will ensure that you are getting the best value from your overall investment. No middle man, just the solution.

Client referrals make up 60% of our business, a figure we’re very proud of. Our focus is on business first, software later. We get to know your business, what it is you want out of it and thrive on seeing you achieve your ultimate vision.

Meet the Team

What do we do?

We provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring services as well training programmes across a range of business disciplines:

  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • New Business Development
  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Sales Training
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement Planning
  • Change management
  • IT PRoject Development
  • Change Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Business Integration
Whatever your size of business, and however ambitious your growth plans, a poor sales approach will lose you deals, reduce your margins and lead to a high turnover of staff.

At JCM Business Solutions, we have a depth of experience in managing and training high performance sales teams that you can draw on as needed.

As a result our clients have;

  • Significantly improved their Sales Team’s performance
  • Established reliable Forecasts, enabling better resource planning
  • Improved repeat revenue from existing clients, and identified opportunities to cross sell products
  • Benefited from improved Sales and Performance management techniques

We encourage a fresh approach to sales. By developing intelligent, effective behaviours and giving participants a solid understanding of the buying cycle, we’ll improve individual performance and ensure your business achieves sustainable growth.

They really do! Over the last 12 months 60% of our new business has come from recommendations from existing clients. We’re very proud of that. Here’s what one client sent us when we asked for feedback;

“I used to run around from meeting to meeting whilst my desk filled up with bits of paper. I had no idea what was outstanding, yet to be dealt with or completed.

Then I discovered Zoho.

Now, every business card, telephone note, letter, email, customer or prospect gets easily entered onto the system and I know exactly where my business is at. I didn’t know what was going on but now I do. It’s cloud based so I can access it anywhere on anything. It even logs my calls so that I can attach it to my customers files with notes on the conversation. Can even access it from my phone!” (Managing Director, Renewable Energy Company)

Whatever your business, data about clients, prospects and contacts is the vital information that keeps your business on track. Always available on line, from your desk tablet or Phone.

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