09 January 2020

JCM Eco Initiative

The world is changing and as small business owners, we have the opportunity to make a difference and generate positive change. From choosing recycled paper, or going paperless all together, to choosing the most eco and carbon-neutral way to get to work, there are so many ways to lower our impact on the environment around us. 

For us, this started years ago when we decided to go paperless. And it was the easiest change we ever made! Every piece of project documentation is created and stored in Google Drive where it can be shared with the relevant people at the click of a button. All our sign off documents are sent via email through Zoho Sign, negating the need for anything to be printed and posted, saving time as well as paper! The only paper you’ll find in the office is the occasional notebook containing all our brilliant ideas, that, after use, get recycled. If you’re reading this as a business owner looking into making a positive change to benefit the environment, this is a great place to start. Through our work implementing Zoho, we’ve not come across a business that can’t achieve going paperless. 

Throughout our 10th year, we want to be doing much more to benefit our Eco Initiative. From working with other local initiatives to looking at our own suppliers and partners, to revising how our team work together, we are dedicated to using our business for good. 

We are always open to new ideas, suggestions or thoughts on this matter so please do let us know if you are on your own eco journey in your business, or whether you have an initiative that we can get involved with.

Small changes have big impacts and we’re so excited to create a space where small business owners can work together to make their businesses a force for good!

Watch this space!

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