09 January 2020

JCM Social Initiative

Since JCM was founded, we’ve always tried to give back in some way to our local community and this year we’re cementing it with our new Social Initiative. 

Over the past year, we’ve worked with Audacious Foundation, a community initiative based in Manchester.  They do so much good work for those in need around the Manchester area that we couldn’t possibly cover it all here, so please do go and take a look at their site to find out more!

The area we have worked with them on is that of ending childhood hunger in our area. We were shocked to discover that 30% of the school children in Manchester only get 1 hot meal a day, and that’s their school lunch, so during the holidays they all too often go without. And this was happening right under our noses. So, we dedicated a percentage of every software sale we made to be donated to Audacious. As a result, we aided in providing 4000 school kids and their families with Christmas Lunches in 2018. In 2019, Elle, our Marketing Director, took on a 14.5 mile Walk to Work fundraiser that raised an incredible £1011 (a huge thank you to everyone how donated!). With each hot meal that Audacious provides costing just £1, this means 1011 kids were able to have a fulfilling lunch when they most needed it. 

Throughout our 10th year, we’re stepping up our fundraising game. We aim to raise as much money as possible to help those kids in need during the school holidays, as well as raising the profile of the incredible work that the Audacious Foundation does. 

Have any ideas on how best to fundraise? Get in touch and let us know!

The JCM Social Initiative has been something we have always done, donating time, money and resources to homeless shelters in our area. We’re so excited to finally make this one of our main focus points this year.

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