17 December 2019

Want to ensure continued business growth?

With over 30 years of experience as business owners, we know the pitfalls that come with running your own company, how difficult it can be to stay motivated, drive business growth and how easy it is to burn out.

That’s why we’ve pulled on our own experiences to give you 3 key actions to focus on to continue to push your business growth forward.

1. Define what growth or success means to you.

Its so easy to live up to someone else’s definition of growth or success. The first thing many people think of is more money, a bigger house, more holidays, a nicer car and so on. But a lot of the time, people work tirelessly on driving their business forward, without actually thinking about what they are aiming for. For us at JCM, business growth meant bringing in more people to share the workload, and prioritising a 4 day working week for each member of the team.

So before you start driving for growth, figure out why you want to grow in the first place.

2. Have a Business Plan

Now that you know what your end goal is, or what growth looks like for your business, you need to make a plan to get there. If your goal is to grow your team, how long will it be before you hire your first employee and what business do you need to do in order to secure a salary for that employee? If you’re growing your business in order to one day retire, when do you want to retire and to what stage do you need to grow the company in order to retire?

Having a business plan keeps you on track and accountable.

3. Put the correct systems and processes in place to encourage growth

Once you know what your goal is and you have a plan to get you there, you need to start making it happen! Look at where you are now and figure out the key pain points or the things that are holding you back. Start there. Implement new processes that save you time and improve efficiency within your business and work with your team to make sure new systems are embedded into the company infrastructure.

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