22 April 2022

How Zoho is helping us on our Journey to Net Zero

At JCM, we’ve been investigating what it would mean to go “Net Zero”. We’ve spoken to experts, joined courses and are trying to educate ourselves on what changes we need to make to lessen our impact. (This Journey to Net Zero Course by Business Growth Hub was excellent)¬†

As we started what can be an overwhelming journey, we discovered how much of a headstart we already had due to the fact that we operate online.

Everything we do from sales to marketing, sending project proposals and getting contracts signed, to invoicing and meetings are done online.

As more and more companies are looking to their suppliers and partners to have green initiatives in place, moving your operations online is a really effective place to start.

While the bigger impacts to your footprint may be found in moving to renewable energy sources, reducing waste and increasing recycling and travelling in a more sustainable way, moving online not only has a positive effect on your footprint, but can save you time and energy within your business, so that you can develop bigger impact green initiatives.


Top 3 ways Zoho is helping us on our Journey to Net Zero:

1. Paperless

Every works order, project proposal or contract is created online, sent to the client for a digital signature then sent back and stored against their record.

All meeting notes are recorded digitally and stored again the client record.

2. Customer Information 

Every bit of information we gather about a client or lead is stored online within in Zoho CRM which acts as out central database. No paper copies are required, no information is lost.

3. Access

Because everything is stored online, our team can access whatever information they need from anywhere at anytime. This means they can work from where they want, no need to travel into a central office, and the quality of work never misses a beat because our consultants have everything they need at their fingertips.

While we are still on this Journey to Net Zero and there’s still a lot we can improve on, knowing we have a solid foundation to work from gives us greater confidence that we can continue to lessen our impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Zoho can help you on your journey to Net Zero, just leave us a note below and we’d be happy to help.

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