15 December 2021

Introducing the Small Business Foundation

We love small businesses! As a small business ourselves, we know the grit and determination it takes to turn your idea into a business and then keep that business going. 


We love working with small business owners because we get to see firsthand the impact our work with them has on their business. 


But too often, small business owners put off the idea of investing in good quality software because maybe they think it’s too complicated to implement, too expensive to purchase and certainly too expensive to pay someone to do all the work for them. 


That’s why we’ve created the Small Business Foundation. 


We want to make premium quality software accessible to every small business owner.


We’ve got the perfect software partner in Zoho and now we have the perfect package in the Small Business Foundation. 


The Foundation aims to give business owners, with 1 to 5 employees access to Zoho One, Zoho’s suite of over 40 business apps, as well as an initial scoping, set up and training program with a member of our JCM Team. We want to give you the best tool and the best start possible to help you save time and money when it comes to running your business. 


Through the Small Business Foundation, we believe we’ve created the perfect package that is accessible to all small business owners and gives you access to premium quality software at a fraction of the cost. 


Business software doesn’t need to be complicated or scary! Work with one of our friendly team members today to see how simple it can be to get up and running with Zoho One in as little as a week’s time! 


To find out more about the Small Business Foundation, head to the link below. 

Small Business Foundation

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