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Implementing Zoho for a growing Sales Team

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Cardea Solutions

Safety and security solutions provider, Cardea Solutions, needed a new and improved software suite to facilitate their multichannel sales process.

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Cardea had expanded their business to include multiple sales channels and, as a result, had outgrown their previous software solution.

As Cardea grew, they recognised that their previous software solution had just become a static database, with no functionality and no ability to help drive sales forward and continue to grow.

“We needed something that would provide admin backup, but also help drive sales forward.”


After our initial meeting with the team at Cardea, we identified 3 key objectives:

  • To have a central client database for opportunities, quotes and works orders with an additional customer service desk function.
  • Replace the 2-day reporting cycle with an easy to use, real-time reporting dashboard.
  • Support then with data migration from the existing system to the new, Zoho system.

To achieve the 3 objectives we started the project with a deep dive into their existing processes, identifying areas for improvement. Working closely with the team to create a project plan meant the 3 main objectives were always at the forefront.


As a growing business, we knew that Cardea needed cohesion between departments to ensure efficiency throughout their processes. By using Zoho to create a central database and implementing regimented blueprints for their sales process, we ensured that not only do the sales team follow the same process for each deal, but the information captured for each deal is easily accessible and up-to-date at all times.

By working through their business processes at the start of the project, we were able to identify time consuming areas that could be automated within Zoho. Identifying these first meant that we were able to build the system to accommodate the automation from the get-go.

Claire Lepine – Commercial Manager

“The automation that JCM helped us to set up on Zoho is really quite remarkable, I would estimate that at least 30% of our team’s time that was being taken up by admin, is now performed by Zoho!”

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