31 March 2020

Message from the Founder – Get Up Off The Floor

JCM Started 10 years ago in the middle of the financial crisis. We survived that and built an innovative team of colleagues.

Then we had 4 years of Brexit. We survived that too.

Not only that, but we also grew our client base, becoming trusted partners to many of them, exceeded our targets and became a key partner for Zoho.

We managed that by being resilient, agile and adaptable.

So we’d like to share with you a few lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Hope is not a strategy

Hands up. Who in the last 2 weeks has used the phrase “ I hope we’re going to survive this”?

Of course you have. You wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t. BUT, you are also a Business Leader, and in business, “Hope” and “Survival” are two words that should never be used, especially together.

Rick Page titled his excellent sales book “Hope is not a Strategy”. His argument is that every time you use the word, it implies a lack of planning and a lack of attention to detail.

Start with the end in mind

Stephen Covey used the now well-worn phrase “Start with the End in Mind”. If you know where you want to get to, then it’s about the journey, not just about surviving.

Get up off the floor and start planning

So, now is the time to get up off the floor and start planning. What is the minimum viable business you will accept in 6 months time. What does the forecast, the cashflow, and the marketing plan look like to get you there?

Is that something you can live with?

Now you’ve done that, why accept it? The world has changed and companies have to be able to change quickly, or risk being left behind. That’s why you are a business leader, to create the drive and energy the business needs. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Don’t limit yourself to just a survival plan

Now you know the minimum viable business you can expect in 6 months, go back to the plan and start with the end in mind. Where do you want to be?

What do you need to do to make up that gap between your survival plan and the outcome you want to achieve?

Of course, it’s hard. But if you find yourself using “Hope” and “Survival”, go back to the plan and find out what you should be doing. Without the map, you’ll wander around forever.

Think this is daft? I’ve spoken to many companies and clients in the last 2 weeks. With rare exceptions, they are all using the circumstances to review, revise and adapt. THEY HAVE A PLAN.

If you don’t you’ll be left behind.

And do you know the really important point?


If you have a plan, you have a direction of travel, an objective. Something everyone in the team can follow. Something that can be changed as circumstances dictate. A measure of what is going on. A plan says that you have taken a view on the world and are willing to take control.

JCM stands ready to help companies like yours plan, adapt and become more resilient. We are more than happy to talk to you about our journey, our plans and how we can generate a future together.

If you’d like a virtual coffee, just leave us a note and we’ll be in touch!

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