17 January 2020

Teamwork makes the…

How do you define teamwork in your business?


For us, our business doesn’t exist without it! Growing from a one-man-band business, to now a 9 person strong business, we’ve experienced all levels of teamwork throughout our 10 years. And it’s made us think. What does teamwork mean to a small business?


As a one-man-band operation, it’s easy to think that there can’t be any teamwork involved in running the business. There’s only 1 person! And that’s true. In the early days of JCM, Chris was responsible for everything, Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Support, Accounts. He even built our first website himself (I think it’s safe to say our new one is just a bit better!). But still, there was teamwork to be found, even back then. Chris often remarks on how vital networking and word of mouth were in those early stages of starting a business. Connections made then are still strong today and without them, JCM wouldn’t be here. So remember, even if you’re a one-man-band, there’s still a team out there to support you. Go and find them! 


As JCM grew, so did the team. I came on board to alleviate some of the more menial tasks from my Dad (for those that don’t know, JCM is a family business!) after seeing him sat up to all hours of the night! My first task: labeling and stamping envelopes! Together, my dad and I sat in the home office and worked from either end of an old fire door, Chris searching out new business, me learning what was involved in running one. Now, teamwork became more obvious. Chris would assign me tasks, I’d complete them, the project would be completed quicker. Teamwork. But it was also less obvious. During my early years at JCM, I had no concept of what working in a B2B business was all about. My other job at the time was coaching rock climbing! Worlds apart! I relied on my Dad taking the time out of each day to teach me the ins and outs of JCM, and as time went on I started to learn. That time spent each day, working together to learn the basics is what formed the foundation of JCM. 


Fast forward to today, and JCM is a never-ending cycle of teamwork! As well as our core, in-house team, made up of Chris our MD (and my Dad!), Sara our Operations Director (and my sister!), Megan our Team Administrator (and newest recruit!) and Me, we have a host of consultants and a handful of partners that we work with on a daily basis. This team of 13 in total has taken nearly 10 years to create! For us, to be a part of the JCM Team means you’re a part of the JCM family and finding the right team members, with the right values, took time. But it’s time we’re so glad we invested! Teamwork is vital to our operation and is something we will never stop working on. 


In our experience, teamwork can, and should, be found, even in the darkest of places! If you’re just starting out, go and find your people, the external team that will help guide and support you. If, like us, you’ve built your business up to include a team of employees, thank them for their hard work and never take them for granted! Work with people that share your same values and they’ll quickly become part of your business family. 


So, where are you on your business journey? Who makes up your team? Who are your business family?

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