20 January 2020

We have a new website!

How do you capture the essence of your business on a website?!

This was something I found so difficult when it came to planning out our new website. How do I get across, not only the bare bones of what we do but showcase who we are and why we’re different from every other software consultancy out there?

Of course, I think we’re great and of course, I think you would benefit from working with us, but what do I say to convince you of the same?

According to entrepeneur.com, “it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form their opinion of your brand ”. Less than 0.2 seconds! A blink of an eye and if that visitor hasn’t seen exactly what they were looking for, they’re gone.

It’s easy to then panic and fill the website with every long-form keyword and sector-specific jargon there is to get people to stay on the site. And that’s a path I almost started down! But with the help of a friend and a crucial partner to JCM. Lucy Rennie of LRComms, we took a breather and thought about what impression we wanted to leave on people who visited our site.

Did we want them to leave and think “oh, they’re just a software consultancy” and make their own minds up about the type of company we are, or did we want them to leave knowing who we really are and what we’re really about?

Of course, we went with the latter! We sat, meeting after meeting, post-it after post-it, draft after draft and mapped out the new and improved JCM site.

And here it is!

On our shiny new website, you’ll get to know the real JCM! Who we are, how we work, what values drive us and how we can help you. Hopefully without all the boring sector-specific jargon!

So please, have a look around and let us know what you think!

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