13 May 2021

Zoho CRM – 5 steps to get your team onboard (and excited!)

Do you struggle to get your team on board with new systems or processes? Have you invested in a new Zoho CRM that they aren’t using to its full potential?


Getting your team to fully adopt and champion your new Zoho CRM system is the key to its success, so if you’re struggling to get your team on board, here are 5 steps that you can take, whether you have a Zoho CRM already or you’re about to start the process.

1. Include your team from the beginning.

Remember, your team are the ones running your business day in day out, talking to clients, and getting new business, so they probably have some great ideas of how to make things run smoother! 

At JCM, every Zoho CRM project starts with a process mapping session, and this is a great point to get your team involved. Ask them what their pain points are, what they would like to change etc. This helps them feel involved and get excited about the benefits of a Zoho CRM. This brings us to point no. 2

2. Shout about the benefits of a CRM!

Don’t be shy about explaining why you’re investing in a CRM in the first place.

It’s not just another annoying piece of software that they have to learn to use. It will improve their day to day life, relieve some of their workloads, as well as make it easier for them to stay on top of their client data, which in turn makes it easier for you as the business owner to generate the reports that you need, without having to badger them. 

3. Keep your new CRM system simple.

Simple = easy to use and easy to understand. 

Remember, the benefits that you’ve been shouting about have been about how this new system will make their day-to-day life easier. So when you’re thinking about the processes and information captured within your CRM, keep it simple. 

Don’t overcomplicate simple processes, use minimal steps in your processes and really think about capturing just the vital information. Our team will then make your Zoho CRM a wonderfully clean, simple, and easy place to be, which you and your team will be excited to use. 

4. Take the time to upskill your team.

Those that invest the time in training their team see the biggest uptake of their CRM.

When your team feels empowered, in control and confident they will be more likely to adapt to new processes and systems. We all know how demoralising and frustrating it is to not know what you are doing or not know how to use something, so spend the time and invest in your team! 

5. Support Your Team

Adopting a new system, with new processes, will inevitably have some niggles, so make sure your team knows the support pathway.

More often than not, when we implement a Zoho CRM project, the support pathway is first to go direct to the 24/7 Zoho support, then each company we work with has a dedicated Systems Admin within their team. Someone within their company who is the CRM expert and is the person the team can go to if they have questions, then if there is something the Systems Admin isn’t sure about, they can come to our support team at JCM for help.

Whatever your support pathway is, make sure is easy to access and make sure your team knows what to do if they have a question! 

6. BONUS STEP: Make sure your new CRM is adopted from the top down.

If you as the business owner won’t use the new system, how can you expect your team to?! Lead by example and show them first hand how integral the new system is to the business.

So, if you’re struggling to get your team on board with your new CRM system, remember, get them involved earlier on and empower them to have ownership over the changes.

Even if the final say ultimately comes down to you as the business owner, let your team have their say and keep them in the loop on what is going on.

If you have any questions about the Zoho Implementation journey, click here to read more about how we work with Zoho, and get in touch below and we’d be happy to help!

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